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Flash Cards: A Teaching Tool

  • Schoolhouse Flash math flash cards were created with animated action to make the learning process enjoyable. The designs are simple and non-gender, so that boys and girls at any level can focus on the facts.

  • Children who are just beginning to learn the math facts will enjoy these flash card programs, but more important than that, they will build self-confidence and skill.

  • Teachers should be attentive and encourage elementary students to vocalize the equations which helps reinforce memory. Sessions should be brief and regular. Consistent practice will help develop skills faster.

Electro-Math a PowerPoint Presentation.
Sum-Time a Flash Presentation.

Animated Math Fact Flash Cards Online

"We Put the Cards Back in the Box!"

3 Rules Kids Need To Know
About Flash Cards

1. See the Equation
2. Say the Equation
3. Hear Yourself Say the Equation.

It Works
Students Will Remember!

At home or in the classroom Schoolhouse Flash helps kids learn math with free online math flash cards. Click this image to view flash card sets in full-screen view.

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Math Flashcards, Kids & Success

Combine visual demonstration, practice and skill sharpening techniques, with the verbal confirmation learning technique and success is inevitable!

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