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Registration is not required to view the flash cards programs online at this website. The Electro-Math sample below is an online PowerPoint presentation and there are system requirements in order for the program to display properly in your browser. If you are not sure that your computer meets the special requirements then click on the Electro-Math image at the bottom of this page to see if it works for you.

Old Fashioned Flash Cards
In An Electronic Flash

  • Electro-Math flash cards with animated equations and three-skill levels helps elementary students kindergarten through sixth grades learn, practice and master the basic math facts.

  • Students are prompted to see, and hear themselves say the equations with the answers as they click through the flash card program to help reinforce memory.

  • This proven effective method of learning is presented in a full screen view which eliminates on screen distractions so that kids can focus on the facts.

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At home or in the classroom Schoolhouse Flash helps kids learn math with free online math flash cards.

Click this image to choose Sum-Time Math Flash Cards a Flash presentation or Electro-Math Flash Cards a PowerPoint presentation in full screen view.

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Electo-Math Flash Card Program Details

Electro-Math contains 1600 math fact equation cards, animated math fact tables and also includes: Multiply Nine an Easy Trick!


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for numbers one through ten.

Designed for elementary students, grades kindergarten through sixth.

Sample Electro-Math Animated Equation Flash Cards

LEVEL ONE - Animated equations for kids to count.

LEVEL TWO - Practice, take your time.

LEVEL THREE - Timed answers sharpen skills.

Flash card sets in level one are in order with images representing the equations for kids to count. Level two displays the equation without the answer and will reveal the correct answer upon a mouse click allowing the child time to figure it out. Level three offers automatic answers with a choice of 3 or 5 seconds to 'Beat the Clock'.

Electro-Math Flash Cards in the Browsers, System Requirements & Sample

Internet Explorer - Opens Electro-Math in your browser. Follow the presentation directions.

Mozilla Fire Fox - Opens PowerPoint in your browser and you must hit the F5 key to start the Electro-Math presentation.



Windows 2000 or XP
Office 2002 or XP required.

Fast internet is recommended.

Browser Dialog Menu Options:

OPEN allows you to view Electro-Math in your browser.

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